Wide Open Space

Our huge open space allows for endless possibilities when decorating, table set up, and options for different events at our venue. We have left a lot of the space untouched so that our clients can come in and really do anything with the space. We want to give them the ability to design the space to their liking and style so that it is the best possible experience for their event. In the space we have also built a large stage that is perfect for any band or entertainment hosted at our venue.

In our space we have had events from bands, banquets, company parties, maker's markets, and our most popular event, weddings. Our space provides the perfect amount of space for large weddings that is hard to find in most other venues. We want everyone to have the event they have always dreamed of and not face many restrictions when choosing a venue.

With our huge space we also offer bathrooms, tables and chairs, bar service. We also offer additional add ons that are affordable along with such a big space such as a bridal suite and another office space for your big day if neeeded or wanted.


When you rent our space, you also have to option of having the bar open for your event. We know that a bar, whether it is alcohol or pop, plays a big part of manys event. Although you have to order the alcohol through us, we try to be the most accommodating in getting you exactly what you want.

Bridal Suite

As well as the huge space we offer, we also have the option for brides to rent out our bridal suite for their big day. This space can be used for getting ready for the big day, your hair and makeup in our stylist chairs,dressing rooms, and couches to relax while everyone is getting ready. This space can also be used during the reception to hold valuables, gifts, and even for the bridal party to get a little break from the party if needed.