Vanderhorst Wedding

On Saturday May 19th, The Mill was able to host the wedding ceremony and reception of Brett and Katie Vanderhorst. They both grew up in Waseca, but hadn’t known of each other until Brett lived in Lacrosse. He moved back to Waseca 6 months into their relationship. They met through mutual friends at a summertime fire. They dated over four years before they got engaged. Brett works for the city of Waseca, parks department. Katie works at the Minnesota State Academy for the Blind. After the wedding they are celebrating their wedding with their honeymoon in Gunflint, staying in a little cabin on a lake. Their future plans include moving to their forever country home. Brett will continue with his side landscaping business and Katie can’t wait to have her own hobby farm. They are excited to start a family in a couple years.

Why they chose The Mill…

“Amazing place! I fell in love as soon as I walked in; I knew we had to have our reception there. Beautiful/amazing space and awesome, helpful owners/staff!”

-Katie Vanderhorst


Lacey’s catering provided the meal for all the guests to enjoy. They served a caesar salad, baked ziti, chicken alfredo, green beans, and garlic breadsticks.


Katie did all of her flowers and decorations for the venue


Guests were able to enjoy the music of Chris Moe and dance all night long.


Katie chose to have Shelby R. Photography capture her special day.

Congrats to Brett and Katie! We wish you the best going forward!

**All of the photos in this blog were taken by The Mill for their own personal use**

Mulert Wedding

On Saturday May 11th, The Mill was honored to host the wedding celebration of CJ and Nicole Mulert. CJ grew up in Owatonna, MN and Nicole grew up in Medford, MN. They first met playing on the same co-ed softball team in Owatonna through mutual connections. They dated for 2 and a 1/2 years before getting engaged. CJ works for Premier Lift Productions putting in handicap accessible lifts and residential elevators. Nicole works for Northwestern Mutual as an Associate Financial Advisor. They both enjoy being outdoors and partaking in sports/activities. They have future plans of buying a farm and starting their own cattle operation and to start a family, first with a puppy! They celebrated their marriage with their honeymoon in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Why They Chose The Mill…

“We chose The Mill because it was the perfect fit for us. We wanted something local to us, needed a large space due to guest size, and wanted the rustic/country feel as that is who we are as a couple. The Mill couldn’t have been more perfect for us for the big day.”


Their meal was catered by Torey’s out of Owatonna, MN.



Flowers were provided by Kleckers Kreations in Owatonna, while all the beautiful decorations were done by family and friends.


After the meal was all done the floor was cleared of tables and chairs to make room for the dance floor. Guests were able to enjoy music provided by Studio Veil out of the cities.


All of the photography for this wedding besides the pictures in this blog were done by Stacey Steele from Steele the Moment Photography in Owatonna.

Congrats to CJ and Nicole! We loved having you here!

**All pictures used in this blog were taken by The Mill for their own personal use**

Youngberg Wedding

On Saturday, May 4th, Chad and Dani Youngberg celebrated their marriage with their ceremony and reception at The Mill. The night was filled with food, drinks, dancing, and laughter, as family and friends celebrated the couple on their big day. Chad grew up in Waseca, MN and Dani grew up in Wells, MN. They met freshman year of college in the dorms while they were both attending Bemidji State University. They were together for 10 years before getting engaged. Both Chad and Dani work for Hormel Foods in Austin, MN. Dani is an accountant for them and Chad works as a plant shipping professional. They plan to go on a mini moon to Duluth right after the wedding and at a later date they will do a full honeymoon to Nashville.

Why they chose The Mill…

“We heard about The Mill by word of mouth and after our first tour, we knew it was the perfect spot for our rustic wedding”


For their dinner, they went with Mr. Pig Stuff out of Lakeville, MN. Guests were able to enjoy pulled pork sandwiches, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, baked beans, and coleslaw.

Decor and Flowers

All of the decor for The Mill was done by the bride, her mom, and sister. Flower bouquets were done by Chad’s aunt, Debbie Bartlet.


The guests were able to dance all night to the music the DJ from Midwest Sound played.


Chad and Dani chose to have their special day captured by PS I Do Wedding Photography.

Congrats to Chad and Dani on their special day!

**All photos in this blog post were taken by The Mill for their own personal use**

Osborne Wedding

On Saturday April 20th, Corie and Amanda celebrated their union in front of family and friends with their wedding ceremony and reception at The Mill. Corie grew up in Decatur, Illinois until he moved to Minnesota in 2004. Amanda was born and raised in Waseca. Corie works as a Cart Driver for Bird’s Eye Foods and Amanda is a Technical Support Representative for Bosch Automotive Service Solutions out of Owatonna. They had been dating for roughly two years before they got engaged in 2014 but have known each other since Junior High. They are undecided on a honeymoon destination right now since they are waiting for the harvest season to end, but will end up somewhere warm for sure. 

Why they chose The Mill…

“We chose The Mill because of the cost and being able to bring in whatever we wanted to make our day special. They were wonderful to work with along the way and with family coming from out of state the venue was perfect size for our family and friends to fit comfortably. We highly recommend The Mill for all events in the future! Joe and has family are wonderful to work with and offered us help along the way. They were able to work with us on set up and tear down and made our day perfect.”


The catering for their wedding was mostly done by family and friends. Hyvee catered in the white mac and cheese for their dinner. and the cake and cupcakes were made by Cream of the Cakes out of Lakeville, MN.


All the decorations for their day were done by Tricia Bremer, Corie’s mom, as well as from the help of other family and friends.


The music for their dance was provided by Bill Lage from Silver Sound Entertainment out of Minnetonka, MN.


Corie and Amanda needed a great photographer to capture their beautiful day. They decided that Megan Lenz Photography would be the best fit to capture their day.

Congrats to Corie and Amanda on their special day!

**All of the pictures used in this blog post were taken by The Mill for their own personal use**

Krueger Wedding

On Saturday March 30th, Kyle and Emily Krueger celebrated their union with family and friends at The Mill. They had both their ceremony and wedding reception at The Mill. Emily grew up in Rushford, MN and then moved to Waseca in the 9th grade. Kyle grew up in Waseca. Both of their families reside in Waseca. They met in geometry class in 2007. They dated for 7 years before they got engaged. Emily is a first grade teacher and Kyle drives truck. They have planned for their honeymoon to backpack through Europe, starting in Germany and ending in Scotland!

Kyle and Emily chose The Mill for it’s big space, sweet people, and rustic ambiance.

The flowers were from Waseca Floral. All of the decorations for the space were DIY!

The catering was provided by The Pheasant Cafe of Waseca.

Their guests were able to enjoy music and dancing after the dinner provided by the band Troubleshooter.

Photography done for the bride and groom on their big day was done by Makayla Rae Photography.

Congrats to Kyle and Emily from The Mill!

**All photos in this blog were taken by The Mill for our own personal use**

Stadheim Wedding

On Saturday, February 2nd, Bennett and Hannah Stadheim celebrated their wedding with their reception at The Mill. Bennett grew up on a farm outside of Albert Lea, MN. Hannah also grew up on a farm, outside of Hartland, MN. Bennett and Hannah first met at The Freeborn County Fair, outside the pig barn when Bennett made fun of Hannah’s dad’s truck for be a Ford. That was 10 years ago! They have planned their honeymoon in Kauai, Hawaii and can’t wait to get in the sun!

Why they chose The Mill…

“Love the atmosphere! It’s a big enough space for +350 people. We love the rustic farm look and the Hoehn’s have been amazing to work with. We love how it turned out!”

Canadian Honker out of Rochester, MN was the caterer for their dinner. The guests were able to enjoy a dinner of chicken, beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn.

The venue was decorated by family and friends while the flowers at the reception were from Jenny’s Pink Petals out of Wells, MN.

Music and entertainment was provided by Elegant Affairs out of Mankato, MN DJ Mega Matt was also their videographer.

Photography of their event was done by a family friend from Idaho named Katie Wilke.

Congrats to Bennett and Hannah!

**All photos used in this blog post were taken by The Mill for their own personal use**

Stenzel Wedding

On Saturday, November 24th, Anthony and Katie Stenzel celebrated their union with having their dinner and reception at The Mill. Anthony grew up on a farm by Freedom, MN. Katie also grew up on a farm outside of Wells, MN. Anthony and Katie first met during high school at United South Central. They met in Katie’s freshman year and Anthony’s sophomore year. They have been dating since 2009! They got engaged on October 14, 2017. They will be going on their honeymoon for a week in January in St. Lucia.

Why They Chose The Mill…

“When we were deciding on where to have our reception and dance we wanted the venue to have everything in one room. The moment we walked into The Mill we instantly fell in love with it! The rustic look and wide open space is exactly what we were looking for! Joe and his family are great to work with and will help you have a wedding that you have been dreaming of! We had an amazing experience with The Mill and would recommend them to anyone!”

Catering for the wedding was done by Lacey’s Catering out of Wells, MN. Guests first enjoyed a classic tossed salad with ranch or french and a finger roll. They were then able to enjoy a chicken breast with herb cream sauce, Kansas City pork loin, red jacket mashed potatoes, mac and cheese with hotdogs, and sautéed green beans and carrots. For dessert guests were able to choose from a variety of miniature cheesecakes.

Decor was done by Nancy Walters from Homestead in Waseca, MN. Flower arrangements for the decorations were created by Braunshausen 4 Ever Florals in Easton, MN.

After the guests were done eating, tables were moved and the curtain was pushed aside to reveal the stage for The Express Band to start up their music for guests to enjoy and start dancing.

Photography for the wedding was done by Braunshausen Photography located in Mankato, MN.

Congratulations Anthony and Katie!

***All pictures used in this blog and The Mill’s Facebook and Instagram page were taken by The Mill for our own personal use***

Hawes Wedding

On Saturday October 20th, James and Patty Hawes celebrated their wedding with family and friends at The Mill. James grew up in St. James and Patty is from Alamo, TX but moved to Waseca 20 years ago. James and Patty met in 2002 at Birds Eye Foods. James has three children from a previous marriage, Christopher, Dakota, and Amber. Patty has four children, Jonathon, Edgar, Mayte, and Angela.

Why they chose The Mill…

“We chose The Mill because I wanted a venue that was different from what has been available. Somewhere spacious that had the flexibility I needed. I did not want to be limited on caterers or set up.”

Catering for the wedding was done by Infinity Catering out of Janesville, MN.

Decorations and flowers were done by Zinnias Boutique.

Music and entertainment: During the wedding guests were able to enjoy a live violinist, Samuel Beckman. During dinner, a mariachi band, Mariachi Son de Morelos, walked around as the guests were eating. During the wedding dance, Shirts & Skins Band and their DJ performed.

Lloyd Wedding

On Saturday, October 6th, Matt and Hannah Lloyd had their wedding reception at The Mill. Matt grew up in Le Center, MN and Hannah grew up in Montgomery, MN. They met during high school and were together for 5 year before they got engaged. They went on their honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii.

Anne’s Catering of Belle Plaine provided all of the food for their wedding reception. Guests were able to enjoy beef, chicken, potatoes, salad, buns, and green beans.

All of the flowers for the decorations  were done by Judy’s Floral Design. The string art table numbers were all crafted by Hannah and her wedding party when they celebrated her bachelorette party.

Music and entertainment was provided by The Shaw Brothers.

Photographs for this wedding, other than in this blog, were done by Alyssa Land Photography.

Congrats to Matt and Hannah!


**All pictures used in this blog and The Mill’s Facebook and Instagram page were taken by The Mill for our own personal use**

Grunwald Wedding

On Saturday, September 29th, The Mill hosted the wedding ceremony and reception of Tyler and Brittany Grunwald. Tyler grew up in Owatonna and Brittany grew up in Medford. They have known each other for quite awhile through mutual friends. They were together for 3 and 1/2 years before they got engaged. They have yet to choose a destination for their honeymoon, but plan to take a “mini moon” up north. They hope to go somewhere warm in the winter or spring.

Why they chose The Mill…

“I fell in love as soon as I walked in to look at it! I wanted to have everything on one location and for our number of guests this was the perfect place to be able to do that. The theme of our wedding fit perfectly in there and I love all of the little details inside. I enjoyed working with Joe and his family. A lot of our guests had never been to The Mill before and I lost track of how many compliments we got about how they loved the place!”

-Brittany Grunwald

They did most of the food themselves. Brittany’s step-dad smoked all of their pulled pork. The only thing they had brought in was the buns, coleslaw and mashed potatoes.

All of the decorations were done by Brittany and her mom. The flowers were done by a friend of her moms.

Music and entertainment was provided by Hano and the Hoff Entertainment, LLC. They are out of Owatonna and did a great job entertaining and getting everyone out on the dance floor.

The photographs of the wedding were done by a long time friend of Brittany’s, named Gabrielle.

Congrats to Tyler and Brittany!

**All pictures used in this blog and The Mill’s Facebook and Instagram page were taken by The Mill for our own personal use**