Miller Wedding

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On Friday August 30th, Jake and Jenna celebrated their marriage with family and friends at The Mill. Jenna is originally from Waseca, MN. Jake is from Forest Lake, MN. Jenna works in the district attorney’s office for St. Croix County, while Jake is a state trooper. They love to attend car shows and go to the dog park. Jake and Jenna first met at The University of River Falls, Wisconsin. They dated for a year in college but went their separate ways, but now have been together for 3 1/2 years. After their wedding they planned to take a mini moon to Colorado and plan to take their honeymoon somewhere warm this winter. Some of their future plans include, moving out to the country with some land, take more trips together, and to enjoy married life!

Why They Chose The Mill…

“It offered everything we needed with lots of room. Everyone was so easy to work with. You could create any type of atmosphere. We loved the rustic feel it gave us. It truly was the only place we considered having it.”


Jake and Jenna chose to have Kendra Hoehn of Infinity Catering provide all of their food for their guests. Guests were able to enjoy garlic breadsticks, a side salad, roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, mac and cheese, and green beans.


The flowers for the reception space were put together by Tamie Collins of Zinnias. The decor for the space was done by Jake and Jenna.


After the guests were all fed they were able to enjoy music by Chris Brooks and the Silver City Boys and dance the night away.


To capture their special day, they hired Makayla Rae Photography and Alpine Media company for videography.

CONGRATS to Jenna & Jake Miller on their beautiful day! It was a night to remember! Thank you so much for letting us be apart of your special day! The Mill wishes you the best of luck on your future!

***The photos used in this blog were taken by The Mill for our own personal use***

Hasselquist Wedding

On Saturday August 24th, 2019, The Mill hosted the wedding reception of Phil and Dani Hasselquist. Both of them grew up in Waseca. Phil is an electrician for BC Electric and Dani works as a service and engagement team lead at Target in Owatonna. Together they enjoy taking long walks through the Target aisles and going on adventures. They first met at their friend Kevin’s house. Something very cool about that, was that he ended up officiating their wedding! They were together for 4 years and 9 months before they got engaged. After their wedding they planned to do a mini moon to Lacrosse, WI and will eventually plan a larger honeymoon down the road. Their future plans include finishing their attic renovation and enjoy time with their three beautiful children.

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Why They Chose The Mill…

“We had looked at other venues before The Mill. We never got that feeling that it was the right place until we walked into The Mill. We looked at each other and just knew that it would be the place. It doesn’t have a “designated” look to it. You can turn it into something elegant, rustic, modern, or industrial. It’s just a one of a kind place!”


Phil and Dani decided to go with Olive Garden for their pasta bar and Lush Cakes for their cake.


The decor for the space was provided by Parties and Weddings Plus. All of it was set up by family and friends. Flowers were also from Parties and Weddings Plus.


Guests were able to dance the night away with music provided by DJ Kozy.


Phil and Dani’s special day was captured by AJ Photography.

Congrats to Phil and Dani on their wedding. Wish you the best in the future and we are glad to have been chosen to host your special day!

***All photos in this blog were taken by The Mill for their own personal use***

Henry Wedding

The Mill was beautifully decorated on Saturday August 17th, 2019 for the wedding reception of Adam and Brittany Henry. The bride grew up in St. James, MN. The groom grew up in MN but moved to New York, where he graduated high school. Both of them attended college at South Dakota State University in Brookings. They eventually met in Brookings, however, Adam had already graduated when they met. They were introduced by mutual friends. They went on their first date on Halloween of 2016 and got engaged in May of 2018. Adam works as a lead operator at Al Corn Clean Fuel in Claremont, and Brittany is a registered nurse in Rochester. After the wedding they took their boat to spend a few days camping and fishing up at Mille Lacs, but plan to take a tropical honeymoon in February. Their future plans are to someday move out into the country and eventually grow their family. Right now they just plan to have fun and continue to be adventurous.

Why They Chose The Mill…

“Once we got engaged, we were researching area venues. We came across The Mill and agreed to go check it out. We walked in and immediately knew this was the one. From the friendly atmosphere, the uniqueness of the venue and the awesome, easy to work with family that owns it. They were so accommodating for all of our wishes and we could hardly wait for our families and friends to celebrate the evening with us in the best venue!”


Catering for their special day was done by Infinity Catering.


Decor was done by Wendy Besel and the flowers were from Creative Touch Floral.


Entertainment for the night was provided by Starlight Sounds DJ.


Brittany and Adam’s special day was captured by Makayla Rae Photography.

Congrats to Adam and Brittany on their marriage. Wish you the  best in the future and truly enjoyed having your special day at The  Mill!

***All photos used in this blog were taken by The Mill for our own personal use***

Hiller Wedding

On Saturday, August 3rd, 2019, The Mill was honored to host the wedding reception of Zach and Dakota Hiller. Zach is originally from Waseca, while Dakota grew up in Epworth, Iowa. Dakota is a cross country coach at Concordia University-Ann Arbor. Zach is a registered nurse. They enjoy watching movies, working out, playing with their dogs, and outdoor activities. They first met at their undergraduate college, Wartburg. They dated 2 1/2 years before getting engaged. After the wedding they celebrated their marriage by going on their honeymoon to Cancun. Their future plans include moving back closer to family and starting their own family. Dakota would like to be a head XC coach and Zach would like to go back to school to eventually follow his dream of being a flight nurse.

Why They Chose The Mill…

“We chose The Mill because once you see it in person you fall in love with the uniqueness and history of the venue.”


For their meal, Zach and Dakota decided to have Hy-Vee Catering bring in all of the food for their guests’ meals.


They decorated the venue with help from Waseca Floral and Jaime Kliner.


Guests danced the whole night with music provided by DJ Simo.


Zach and Dakota’s special day was captured forever by Jennifer Pena.

Hope you day was everything you hoped it would be. Congrats to  Zach and Dakota!

***All photos in this blog post were taken by The Mill for their own personal use***

Wenzel Wedding

On Saturday July 13, 2019, The Mill hosted the wedding reception of Jon and Karla Wenzel. Jon grew up in New Richland, MN, while Karla grew up in Waseca, MN. Jon farms, raises beef cattle, and is also a mechanic. Karla is a licensed dental assistant. They actually met online on the website Match. They dated 2 years before Jon asked Karla to marry him. Their future plans include living their life together, have fun, and grow their family. Now that they are married they plan to celebrate by going somewhere warm this winter for their honeymoon.

Why They Chose The Mill…

“Everyone was so accommodating and easy going. The Mill has such a unique atmosphere and it has such a simple features but there is so much elegance at the same time. Everyone that helped put the whole day together was such a great help and friendly through the whole day/process.”


Guests were served food from the couples’ choice of caterer, The Boathouse Grill and Bar.


They hired Tami Collins, of Zinnias Boutique, to be in charge of the decor.


Guests were able to enjoy music provided by Nick Krause Weddings.


Jon and Karla had their special day captured by AJ Photography.

Best of luck to Jon and Karla in the future! We were honored to host  your special day at our venue.

***All photos in this blog post were taken by The Mill for their own personal use***

Mundt Wedding

On Saturday July 20th, The Mill was honored to host the ceremony and reception of Steve and Kayla Mundt. Kayla grew up in Waseca, MN, while Steve is from Lake Crystal/Cleveland MN. They first met at Verizon where they both worked. They dated 2 years before getting engaged. Kayla is now full time in the military and Steve still works at Verizon Wireless. Some hobbies that the couple enjoys are volleyball and softball. They also enjoy anything that has to do with being outside, such as spending time in the pool. After the wedding, they plan to take their honeymoon in Florida, where they can celebrate their union. They have future plans of moving to the cities and having 1-2 kids.

Why They Chose The Mill…

“We thought it was such a unique venue and was very accommodating.”


For the meal guests were able to enjoy a dinner of roast beef, chicken cordon bleu, a baked potato, and a vegetable medley that was provided by Vernon Center Meat Market.


The Mill was beautifully decorated by the bride, Kayla.


Guests were able to dance throughout the night to music provided by Midwest Sound. Along with the DJ, Steve and Kayla decided to add something a little unique to their reception, by bringing in 2 pool tables and a dart board to provide some extra entertainment for guests.


Steve and Kayla’s special day was captured by Joseph Orchard Photography.

Congrats the Steve and Kayla on their big day. Hope it was everything  you’ve dreamed of!

***All photos in this blog post were taken by The Mill for their own personal use***

Hagen Wedding

On Saturday June 26th, The Mill was beautifully decorated for the wedding reception of Brett and Hannah Hagen. Both of them grew up in the country of New Richland, MN. They both also come from farming families of the New Richland area. Hannah is currently a hairstylist at the ULTA Salon in Mankato and has been there for 6 years. Brett farms with his family and also works for Kraus Construction. Brett and Hannah first met in high school. Brett was a junior, while Hannah was a sophomore. They met during the fall of 2009, Brett was in football and Hannah was a cheerleader. They got engaged March 20th, 2018 while in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. At that point, they would’ve been dating 9 years. On the week of their wedding, it would’ve marked 10 years of being together! They went on their honeymoon to Aruba for a week to celebrate their marriage.

Why They Chose The Mill…

“We chose the Mill as our reception venue because of their open space, and layout of the building! The character inside made it the perfect venue to bring our “Romantic Italian Garden” theme to life! We were so happy with how everything turned out, and they were the best people to work with through all of the planning!”



Charcuterie Table was provided by Hyvee in Mankato. The dinner was catered in by Torey’s Restaurant of Owatonna. Desserts were prepared by Lush Cakes.

Photography/ Videography

Brett and Hannah decided to go with 507 Photography and Tali Wayne’s videography to capture their beautiful celebration.

Decor and Flowers

The beautiful flowers that you see in these pictures were done by Julie Pohler of Cash Wise in Waseca. The rest of the decorations were done themselves.


Music and entertainment for the night was provided by Good for Gary.

Congrats to Brett and Hannah on their special day! You made The Mill look absolutely stunning and we wish you the best in the future!

***All media used in this blog were taken by The Mill for our own personal use***

Peerboom Wedding

On Saturday June 22, The Mill was honored to host the wedding of Kenny and Amanda Peerboom. Kenny grew up in Benson MN, while Amanda grew up in Medford. They met online, but eventually met in Jackson MN while Kenny was there doing a job. They named their son Jaxton after their first meeting spot. Kenny owns his own business called Boomers Millwright Service LLC and Amanda works at Kwik Trip, while also taking care of their son, Jaxton. They dated for 7 months before getting engaged. They are not currently going to take a honeymoon as it is Kenny’s busy season at work. Their future plans are to move to Waseca for a couple years before they buy their forever home in the country. They plan on having one more child.

Why They Chose The Mill…

“We picked The Mill because it is similar to what Kenny works on for a living and it had the space we needed. We like the rustic look of it.”


Decor and flowers were done by Cheryl Merritt of Inspired Designs.

All of their food was catered in by Hy-Vee.

Music was done by Djs On Demand and guests danced the night away in celebration.

Kenny and Amanda chose to have Clear Photography capture their special day.

Congrats to Kenny and Amanda on their special day. Wish you both the best in the future!

***All photos used in this blog post were taken by The Mill for their own personal use***

Olson Wedding

On Saturday June 15th, The Mill was honored to host the wedding and ceremony of Heather Maas and Rusty Olson. Heather grew up in Waseca, while Rusty grew up in Trimont, MN. They met at a wedding they were both in. Rusty’s brother married Heather’s best friend. Together they have two girls, Ahvah (8) and Aylah (4). They recently bought a house in Waseca. Heather works at a daycare in Waseca as the lead teacher in the pre-school room and Rusty works in Owatonna at the power plant.

Why they chose The Mill…

“We chose The Mill because it is absolutely beautiful and exactly what we were looking for. The staff are so friendly and loving! They are amazing to work with and truly want it to be the best day of your lives and they will help in any way they can to make that happen!”


Their catering for their special day was done by Hy-vee in Owatonna.

The beautiful decorations you see in these pictures were done by Vanilla and Gold. Flowers were provided by Tamie Collins of Zinnias. Bouquets for the day were done by Jill Killday.

The entertainment for the night was provided by DJs on Demand.

Photography for the day was done by Mikayla Rae Photography.

Congrats to Heather and Rusty on their day! Hope it was everything you wished for!

***All the photography in this blog is taken by The Mill for it’s own personal use***

Vanderhorst Wedding

On Saturday May 19th, The Mill was able to host the wedding ceremony and reception of Brett and Katie Vanderhorst. They both grew up in Waseca, but hadn’t known of each other until Brett lived in Lacrosse. He moved back to Waseca 6 months into their relationship. They met through mutual friends at a summertime fire. They dated over four years before they got engaged. Brett works for the city of Waseca, parks department. Katie works at the Minnesota State Academy for the Blind. After the wedding they are celebrating their wedding with their honeymoon in Gunflint, staying in a little cabin on a lake. Their future plans include moving to their forever country home. Brett will continue with his side landscaping business and Katie can’t wait to have her own hobby farm. They are excited to start a family in a couple years.

Why they chose The Mill…

“Amazing place! I fell in love as soon as I walked in; I knew we had to have our reception there. Beautiful/amazing space and awesome, helpful owners/staff!”

-Katie Vanderhorst


Lacey’s catering provided the meal for all the guests to enjoy. They served a caesar salad, baked ziti, chicken alfredo, green beans, and garlic breadsticks.


Katie did all of her flowers and decorations for the venue


Guests were able to enjoy the music of Chris Moe and dance all night long.


Katie chose to have Shelby R. Photography capture her special day.

Congrats to Brett and Katie! We wish you the best going forward!

**All of the photos in this blog were taken by The Mill for their own personal use**